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Making your outdoor living dreams come true.

Imagine you have had a long day at work, stuck in a stuffy office all day in front of a computer with the phone ringing in your ear and everyone in the office vying for your attention and you can't believe you're stuck inside all day long on such a beautiful day. Now, you're ready to go home, relax and un-wind in your beautiful backyard....but wait! You just realized you don't have such a beautiful backyard yet. You have got puddles in your lawn from the rain the night before, a concrete patio that is mildewing and needs to be pressure washed again and you know if you go outside, the bugs are going to eat you alive! Wouldn't it be nice if you could just come home to a beautiful mosquito-free backyard oasis with a running waterfall, relax in your lounge chair next to a cool misting fan, dinner cooking on the grill, and your kids playing on their new playground?

Custom Backyard Adventures is your complete outdoor living builder.

We have the experience you need, vision for your desgin, environmentally friendly materials, and quality products to make your dreams come true. We build deckspergolasgazebosscreened porches, and many different new and popular components such as outdoor kitchens (complete with refrigerator, sink, and grill), playgrounds, fireplaces, comfortable seating, awnings, sound systems, mosquito misters, and more. Check out our features for more information. And certainly, your custom backyard adventure is not complete without a beautifully designed landscape with an automatic irrigation system.